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Do you want to switch things up in your career?

Are you feeling stuck in a career that doesn't light your fire?

Do you dream of waking up each day thrilled to pursue work that aligns with your passions and strengths?

I’m here to help you do that in the most leveraged way, so that when you make your next big move, you can be confident it’s the right one.

I'm Cynthia Corsetti, your guide to transforming your career narrative. With my online program RE3, I'll show you how to not just change jobs but to ignite a career revolution.

RE3 Online is based on my ultimate in-person career upgrade program and your ticket to more fulfillment and purpose in your work.

About RE3

Imagine possessing skills that make hiring managers crave you, a vision board so clear it feels tangible, and the confidence to demand what you're worth. RE3 isn't just a course; it's your ticket to crafting a career that brings balance and fulfillment into every aspect of your life.

If you’re a professional with an already successful career, but you feel like you’re ready for something different….

Or if you sense that you have more to offer the world, a second act…

Then this is your chance to change direction with confidence, knowing that you’re making the right choice.

Why Trust Me?

I help professionals identify and land the career of their dreams so they can live their best lives at work and at home.

The true value of what I do lies in relationships, so here’s a little bit about me: I’m an “off the charts” ENFP. For those unfamiliar with the infamous Myers-Briggs instrument, this means I get my energy from other people.

And I have a gut instinct that never misses. You might consider me a bit of an activist.

Even in business, all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I champion social justice and will go to the mat in its defense. If you’re wondering why you should put your faith in me, good. You should! After all, I’m asking for your unwavering trust.

Get instant access to the Re3® Career Transition Program today

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What Others Experienced


Let's talk about the benefits

The Re3 program will show you how to:

  Become highly visible and sought after by hiring managers willing to pay top dollar for your exact skills.

  Create a clear vision of what you really want and an actionable roadmap to make it happen.

  Develop a solid career strategy centered around your goals and gifts, which brings more balance and alignment into your life.

  Communicate your value with clarity and confidence, so you can get paid what you’re worth.


The program gives you the flexibility to navigate through the lessons at your preferred pace and revisit the material as often as needed, ensuring you extract the maximum benefits it offers.

Just like the following people who have been through the program too...

What Previous Clients Say 

A deeper dive into three client experiences.


Here’s what you’ll get in the Re3® Career Transition Program and its proven process:

Module One -REFLECT

Understand the value that your past can bring to your next opportunity.

Though you might think that changing careers is all about the external stuff (resumes, LinkedIn), nothing will ACTUALLY change unless you explore the internal stuff too.

That’s what module 1 will help you do, with think-outside-the-box activities that will enable you to see how you’ve grown during your career so far and uncover key patterns showing you where your passions lie today.

You’ll walk away knowing precisely what your roadmap needs to look like in order to make your career more centered around those passions.

This module is gold… it reveals so many unexpected opportunities for people, and so many clients uncover things they would never otherwise have thought about!

Module Two -REBUILD

Leverage and upgrade your existing skill set to make yourself more in-demand.

This is where we leverage every experience you’ve had, including the ones that aren’t even on your resume (but which absolutely matter more than you’d think!) to rebuild your professional brand in the most powerful way.

We’ll zero in on the action steps that will enable you to make your next job or career move in the most strategic, high-level way possible.

This will mean that you don’t need to start from the bottom up or field questions from HR people who don’t fully appreciate your experience.

I’ll also show you how to tweak and build up your network in a strategic, effective way, so you can make connections that result in relevant opportunities coming to you.

Module Three -REBBRAND

Brand yourself professionally in a way that positions you as a thought leader

Finally, discover how to confidently put yourself forward with your upgraded (or totally new!) professional identity, so you can get recognized as a thought leader quickly by the relevant people.

This module will help you ensure that you maintain your professional status, whatever the career move you desire to make.

(This is for you if you step into a new industry or position with confidence and skyrocket there!)

Rest assured: whatever the new direction you choose, this process will enable you to position yourself as a valuable, in-demand authority in that industry.

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Get instant access to the Re3® Career Transition Program today

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