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Re3® Career Transition Program

The ultimate online career upgrade program and your ticket to more fulfillment and purpose in your work. Based on the acclaimed leading career coaching program by Cynthia Corsetti.

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Unlocking Empathetic Leadership: Dark Drivers Methodology

Based on Cynthia's best selling book Dark Drivers comes our online course. Learn how your hidden motivators influence your relationships, career choices and the way you get results and how they can negatively influence your life.

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Based on the award winning CAREtoLead® for organizations, we now bring you our online resource center for new managers and leaders that helps them create high performing teams that get results.

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Chart Your Change With Confidence

with the

Career Change Readiness Quiz

Answer 28 questions and we'll send you a personalized analysis of your readiness to embrace a career change. You'll discover not just when, but how to navigate your next move with confidence and clarity.

Here's what you will get:

  • Personalized Career Insights: Personalized analysis of where you stand in your career journey tailored specifically to you.
  • Clarity on Career Satisfaction and Aspirations: Identify your level of satisfaction in your current role and clarify your future career aspirations.
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment: Understand your comfort level with change and risk in your career, an often-overlooked aspect of career planning.
  • Practical Readiness Check: Assess your practical readiness for a career change, touching on aspects like resources, support, and personal circumstances.
  • Empowerment and Confidence: The quiz is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to make informed career decisions, whether it’s to seek growth, make a shift, or pursue new opportunities.
  • Guidance for Next Steps: So you see your options and can confidently choose the next step.
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